Economic Carbon Capture

Providing carbon capture solutions for industrial sources and enhanced recovery projects based on fundamental economics and unparalleled expertise


Promoting economic use of CO2 emissions, and providing CO2 supply services for the industrial gas and enhanced oil recovery markets

Expert Advice

Providing expertise on Section 45Q tax credits, MRV plans, environmental permitting, and geologic sequestration, and helping meet all qualifications for 45Q tax credits


Developing enhanced oil recovery projects and saline aquifer injection ventures using anthropogenic CO2 captured from industrial sources


Supplying comprehensive consulting services for the carbon capture industry


Building, owning and operating carbon capture plants and pipelines necessary to compress CO2 at the source and transport it to underground injection sites


A federal income tax credit can now be generated when CO2 emissions from industrial sources are captured and permanently stored.  In many instances, storing CO2 captured from facilities that produce at least 100,000 metric tons of CO2 per year can generate $3+ million in tax credits, each year, for up to 12 years.  Numerous obligations must be met to qualify for Section 45Q tax credits, and Cornerpost assists industrial sources in satisfying all requirements for 45Q tax credits, including necessary EPA approvals under Subpart RR.

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